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Why spend time and money pretreating your shirts when you could just buy fully pretreated blank garments at wholesale prices instead?

Shop pretreated apparel Pretreat your blanks

Pretreated on the inside, outside, back & sleeves, so you don’t have to

Ready to print out-of-the-box

Compatible with most DTG printers

Pretreated garments from Gildan, Bella+Canvas, Anvil, M&O Knits, Alstyle, and more.

We buy blank garments from the biggest brands and then pretreat them ourselves, so our garments are ready to print whenever you are.

Shop Pretreated Apparel

Why buy pretreated apparel?

  • Ready to print out of the box
  • Printable anywhere, inside and out
  • No ‘pretreat box’ or stains
  • Delightful hand feel
  • Consistent print results
  • Easier to print-on-demand
  • Cleaner production process
  • Zero mess and waste
  • Requires fewer chemicals
  • Save shop space
  • Save time
Shop Pretreated apparel

Take an inside look at our pretreated garments

Delightful hand feel

Our pretreated garments don't have the noticeable rough hand feel you associate with pretreatment.

Completely pretreated, all over

We pretreat every t-shirt on the inside, outside, back, and sleeves.

No 'pretreat box' or stains

You won’t have to worry about those telltale stains that can come about during the pretreatment process.

Ready to print out
of the box

Once you receive your garments, all you have to do is heat press them for 15 seconds before you start printing.

The problems with pretreating

Pretreating is an art in itself. But for plenty of printers, it’s more of a pain than anything. Not only does standard pretreating make it difficult to achieve consistent results, it also limits the range of materials you can print on, with 50/50 cotton poly blends or triblends faring badly with traditional pretreating techniques.

What if you could simply buy your blank garments already fully pretreated so all you have to do is get started with your DTG machine right away? With PS Apparel, that’s exactly what you get. Buy your items fully pretreated at wholesale prices and save yourself time, money and hassle by printing right out of the box.

We use the best possible pretreatment base all over the t-shirts, giving you more flexibility, a more efficient workflow, and the kind of consistent results you can truly rely on. And our process allows us to work with all materials, giving you a competitive edge for your catalog.

See for yourself how well we pretreat.

See for yourself how well we pretreat.

Thanks to our proprietary technology, we’re able to fully pretreat t-shirts inside and out. To show you just how well it works, we’ve put together a fully pretreated sample pack of the most popular products in the most challenging colors.

No visible ‘pretreat box’. No stains. Delightful hand feel.

These t-shirts are ready to print on right out of the box. Expect bright colors, clear lines, and reliable consistency with every single item. Order your sample pack of pretreated garments today and see first-hand just how big the difference really is.

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